The Story of HUMANKIND

HUMANkind Magazine seeks to be one of the leading online platforms reaching Church leaders, and ministry students. Covering theology, culture, and embodied living, the conversations that happen here will propel us to grow deeper in our faith together. HUMANkind Magazine is built around the question, "What does it mean to be human?" We believe that this question is integral to understanding God, faith, and life. We seek to reach millennials through our various online platforms, publishing daily on our website, and hoping to publish quarterly in print as we progress.


We are millennial seminary students studying in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, who are seeking to educate and inspire those within our reach. We are asking the question, "What does it mean to be human?" We believe that this question has the power to transform how we live in thoughtful and tangible ways. We are pro-academia and pro-Church and seek to have the kind of raw, honest conversations that we most often struggle to talk about and which are significant. We believe that God has called us to live in a deeply embodied way, so we encourage all forms of imagination--whether that be writing, researching, storytelling, music, art, dance, and etc. We are seeking daily to show how God is already at work, and how we can join in the mission of God empowered by the Spirit.

We try to publish conversations and material that at times may be uncomfortable. We want to engage our world where it is currently (culturally, socially, spiritually, theologically, philosophically, etc.), and that means having the hard conversations. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on in a conversation, we seek to create an environment that holds space for all human beings. Not only do we want to encourage one another to be educated, we also seek to have conversations that pull us deeper into relationship with Christ and the church.

We believe that God has created all things, is in all things, and binds all things together in God's self. This includes all human beings.

"The Glory of God is (HU)mans fully alive." -St. Irenaeus

To be truly human is to glorify God. This does not stop short of the ways in which we speak, but it should also move into the ways in we which think, act, and live. We are embodied persons, and our faith should be embodied as well. This is why we must address the conversations of our day. Issues of theology, humanity, culture, social justice, and life are the places in which we find ourselves, and because of this the conversations that are happening shape us in our embodiment in particular ways. Asking the question, "What does it mean to be human?" not only empowers us to seek holistic growth in all of these areas, but it also helps us ask the question, "How is God glorified in our humanity, our fleshiness, in these specific conversations?" We believe in taking a deeper look into these multifaceted conversations. We also believe that many perspectives make up the body of Christ, and we hope to motivate those who are having the conversations to stay with us, and encourage one another to grow in Christ.

HUMANkind Magazine was founded October 1st, 2016. It is a self-contained, business currently and is not for seeking profit at this point. We wish it to be clear that this project, business, magazine, and website is not affiliated with any other companies, denominations, or outside (third-party) organizations.

We publish content via and provide a quarterly print edition for purchase via a one time sale or subscription. In the future, we hope to create and release educational resources for Church leaders, and ministry students, as well as host events where the conversations we have can be pushed even deeper in the fold of God as the church of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


The HUMANKIND Magazine is an online multimedia platform whose purpose is to educate Church leadership and ministerial students through theological conversations, and provide real life practical applications. We believe that God created to bring glory unto God's self, and invites all of creation to be a part of that; hence, this magazine looks at how we can embody God's glory in the fleshiness of life. We talk about theology, culture, and embodied living because we believe that the Church flourishes when academia and practice are meshed together.